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 Address:Anhui ningguo city river drain industrial park prosperity road6Number
 A mobile phone:18130269355

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 Address:Jiading district, cloud valley road1288Lane138Number

 The phone:181 3026 9355


  • The foreign trade order container shipment

    2019.6.26 The foreign trade order container shipment

  • 2019Years6Month19Day,Customers come to visit my company in Germany

    2019Years6Month19Day,Customers come to visit my company in Germany,By the total、The foreign trade manager huang、Department manager zhao、The office manager zhao accompanied him。

  • The choice of thermal insulation materials

    Thermal insulation materials from the following consideration:
    Temperature tolerance range
    Based on thermal insulation materials are divided into scope of heat-resistant material:The low temperature heat preservation and heat insulation material、Temperature in the thermal insulation material、High temperature thermal insulation material。
    Heat resistance performance of selected thermal insulation materials must conform to the use environment。

  • The classification of high temperature resistant casing

    The so-called high temperature resistant casing,Is to point to in high temperature environment can still keep melting,Ensure mechanical,Mechanical and electrical equipment normal operation of electricity,A kind of material。We all know,In traditional manufacturing industry inevitably there will be some high temperature in a production environment,Such as metallurgy,Iron smelting industry,Casting processing industry and so on,Production environment temperature is very high,